The concept of Risa has many perspectives. Our vision is to be an alternative to the capitalistic mainstream fashion world and simply deliver fresh, clean t-shirts to the global market of people who simply know how to appreciate the simpler things in life. Well alright, what we try to do is really just make some cool, different t-shirts which stand out. While doing this we try not to compromise our following values.

We try to please people, not to set trends. Therefore we have decided to only produce a quantity of one hundred t-shirts of each kind, making each and every one of them limitedly unique.

Quality is essential to the standards of our t-shirts. The quality of our material has been strictly supervised and it has been made sure that it is of superior quality.

In the process of making our products we try to treat people the way we want to be treated ourselves. Therefore, we assure you that child labor and unfair work conditions have played no part under the production process.

Taking the design and print of a t-shirt into account is of course essential in trying to make t-shirts that differ from the norm. Besides making black and white t-shirts we like to experiment with bright colors of fabric to make the t-shirt stand out in any wardrobe. Our prints mostly cover the entire front and some have print on the back as well. We have chosen our prints from a wide range of motives too. Some are colorful, some make sense, some don't but mostly we have just tried to express our own good vibrations and make it as fresh as we possibly could.

So far our visions have resulted in our One Love Collection, and we hope you can find interest in exploring it. We have gathered all the t-shirts in our online shop.